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The data transmission system, emails and faxes Barrett 2020 the ideal solution for the formation of telecommunications infrastructure organization with remote operating positions. Barett Model 2020 is a simple automated phone interface, with data transfer, fax, e-mail any time control network stations, as well as fully compatible with e-mail (Internet) system and fax transmissions via a standard telephone network. You need only incur one-time costs of equipment, which is comparable or even inferior installation costs of modern satellite systems. Further operation of the system does not require additional financial costs.

Barrett System 2020 is designed to provide ease of installation and operation. For system administrators provides a set of options to automatically connect, the connection scheduler fully cooperating with FED STD ALE protocols and selective call CCIR, that translates Barrett 2020 discharge flexible and automated network solutions. For users, the system is completely transparent Barrett 2020 - e-mail is sent and received using your own email client or a known user, for example, MS Outlook, Lotus Notes or any other mail program.

E-mail system used in 2020 Barrett proven modems Clover in 2000, using the latest technology of digital signal processing (DSP), designed specifically for the HF spectrum. Modulation formats can vary from simple to multi-level two-phase differential phase amplitude modulation combinable with sophisticated compression algorithms using software Barrett 2020. This allows you to transfer data over the air at speeds up to 14400 baud.

E-mail system Barrett 2020 is easy to install and configure, and can be easily integrated with transceivers Barrett and their accessories.

Specification data transmission system BARRETT 2020

- Data Link Protocol: Clover 2000 - high-speed adaptive modulation for selective ARQ 100% error-free data transmission.
- Data transfer rate: up to 14400 bps with error correction and compression (2020 models only). On the basis of the average quality of connections and file compression.
- Modulation modes:
BPSM 2 phases, 500 baud QPSM 4 phases, 1000 baud
8PSM 8 phases, 1500 baud
8P2A 8 phase 2 amplitudes, 2000 baud
16P4A 16 phases, 4 amplitudes, 3000 baud
16-channel QPSK 2400
- Required band: 2000 (at 6 dB)
- PC interface / transceiver: RS-232 9600 baud (maximum of 57600 baud)
- Current consumption: 400 mA Standby (2023), 700 mA standby (2024)
- Indicators: LED front panel, six status LEDs on the rear panel of the modem.
- Connectors: DB-25 (female) to the transceiver, DB-9 (male) to PC, RJ-45 to the fax machine (2024 only).
- Operating Temperature -15 to +55 ° C
- Dimensions W 210 mm x240 mm x70 mm T In
- Weight 0.22 kg

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