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Barrett 2050 HF transceiver central link HF communications equipment company Barrett 2000 series. It combines advanced technology and intuitive management interface that has become synonymous with the brand Barrett.

Heart Barrett 2050 transceiver flexible processor core with a controlled and powerful DSP, which provides excellent reception of signals and interference suppression, along with minimum power consumption.

Configured in a lightweight aluminum chassis and heavy-duty Barrett 2050 transceiver is certified for compliance with MIL STD 810F for drop, dust, temperature, shock and vibration.

Barrett 2050 transceiver is ready for use as a desktop transceiver, however, is not expensive when you add "mobile set" can easily be installed on any vehicle (such as in the trunk). In large organizations, this option significantly simplifies the process of changing the status of the mobile subscriber in the base.

Digital signal processing (DSP)

Separate DSP chip provides modulation and demodulation of the signal systems, including ALE, selective call signal suppression, as well as reduce noise in the signal.

Frequency hopping

Unique hopping does not require a network time or subsequent time input. Just specify the range of jumps, code encryption key and speak.

Direct call telephone subscriber

Option "Telcall" allows direct call telephone subscriber in the presence of HF communications network equipment interface to the telephone line, manufactured by Barrett or any other manufacturer.

Safe call

This option provides a medium level encryption phone signal for confidentiality.

ALE - Automatic connection setup

Built-in option ALE system is fully compatible with FED STD 1045 ALE. You can make calls to telephone subscribers with numbers up to 16 digits (using the signaling system FED STD 1045 ALE) using the telephone interface option equipped Barrett 2060 ALE.

GPS function

The connection of the GPS receiver that will enhance control function of moving objects with the help of Barrett 977.

Electronic transmission of data and messages through the ether

Line connector transceiver Barrett 2050 is ready to connect a wide range of external modems, including the transfer of electronic and fax messages on HF Barrett 2020.

Selective call option

In the transceiver provides the use of a selective call systems based on CCIR-493-4 protocols which are distributed free, and OEM protocol, compatible with most produced HF equipment.

SMS paging

Provides for the transfer of short text messages from one transceiver to another in 2050. In 2050 Barrett transceiver has an alphanumeric keypad (similar to mobile phones), which allows you to enter text messages without the use of external devices (PC or Pocket PC).

BITE-built testing equipment

Allows you to test the efficiency of the receiver, selective call, suppress reception work VCO and a serial communication port.

Programming via the IR port or serial port

To simplify programming, the radio in the car with a laptop models 2000 series provides the IR port. Thus, you can download all necessary parameters without transceiver cable connections using specialized software.

Specification Barrett 2050

- Power 125 W PEP phone ± 1.5 dB
- Sensitivity (mV): 0,224 (-120dBm for 10dB SINAD - mode J3E, preamp on)
- Number of channels up to 500 programmable channels (simplex or half-duplex)
- Frequency range 1.6 - 30 MHz (transmission), 500 kHz - 30 MHz (downlink)
- Weight
The radio unit in 2050: 2.36 kg
Vynostnaya panel in 2020: 0.22 kg
2050 transceiver assembly: 2.58 kg
- Power supply 2050-13.8VDC +20% / -10% (negative ground) Protection against reverse polarity switching. Protection switching overvoltage.
- Dimensions
2050 radio unit: 185 mm (W) x 270 mm (D) x 70 mm (H)
- Types of J3E (USB, LSB) - H3E (AM) - J2A (CW) - J2B (AFSK) Optional J2B (AFSK) with narrow-band filter
- Operating temperature range from -30 to +60 ° C Relative Humidity: 95%
- Protected in accordance with MIL-STD-810F including shock, the
vibrations, humidity

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