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Codan 3212 HF Data Modem for high speed data transmission will provide you with a reliable, cost-effective and high-speed digital data transmission channel, even in remote areas where little or no telecommunications infrastructure.

In 3212 modem applied the latest developments data transmission technology, which allowed for a faultless data transfer rate of up to 7200 bits / sec. This is four times the speed of other modems available on the market at present.

High Speed ​​Data Transfer

HF 3212 modem supports data transfer with the format of the signal derived from the military standard (MIL-STD), implemented on the basis of standard STANAG 4539. Optimally Modem provides high-speed data transmission under normal HF channel width 2.4 kHz.

E-mail on the HF

Using Software Codan UUPlus for sending e-mails on the HF modem 3212 provides a simple and reliable data transfer via HF communications for remote areas with no telecommunications infrastructure.

Improved Automatic Link Establishment (ALE)

3112 modem supports ALE standard FED-STD-188-141B. Using the ALE allows you to easily and simply choose the best operating channel to establish a connection and, therefore, provide a maximum data rate.

Ethernet interface and RS232

Modem has Ethernet-port, using either a fixed IP-address or a DHCP address and port RS232. All ports are optically isolated to ensure maximum protection.

High Reliability

Codan's radio equipment widely famous for its ruggedness and reliability. Speed ​​HF Data Modem 3212 is no exception. It is made in a safe chassis capable of withstanding substantial load when mobile, stationary and portable use.

Featured Transceivers
Transceivers Series Codan NGT, equipped with the following options:
- Option for high-speed data transmission
- Built-in fan
Codan 2110 series transceivers capable of transmitting data

Specification Modem Codan 3212

- Supported signal formats
Standard Modulation Data Rate (bit / s)
STANAG 4539 (modified) The encoded PSK / QAM 75,150, 300, 600. 1200, 2400, 3600, 4800, 6000, 7200
Codan 9001/9002/3012 Self-developed CHIRP (paring) 80
16-channel QPSK 2400
- Built-in self-test at power-up self-test, built-in audio generator and a digital feedback loop
Asynchronous RS232 interfaces
- Complete optical isolation for all signals. Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, choose IP addresses or DHCP, the choice of port number.
- The received audio signal 600 ohm balanced, -30 to +3 dBm, Automatic Adjustment
- The transmitted audio signal 600 ohm balanced, programmable level -30 to +10 dBm
- Line PTT switching scheme with open collector, active level - low
- Voltage 13.5 V nominal (250 mA current consumption)
10.5 to 15 V voltage rating, protected from high voltage up to ± 50V and reverse polarity
- Passive Cooling convection
- Operating Temperature 0 to +55 ° C operating (-40 to +60 ° C storage)
- Dimensions W 210 mm x240 mm x65 mm T In
- Weight 2 kg
- Compliance with CE. FCC and C-Tick

Additional Accessories
- Cables to connect to the NGT series or 2110
- Attachment for mounting in the car
- Software UUPlus to send e-mail

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