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is a supplier of radio stations, Motorola's radio equipment and other leading producers in Kyrgyzstan. We specialize on the designing, delivery and commissioning of radio systems and radio equipment of varying complexity.

We have reliable solutions for different customer groups. We will make selection and the calculation on supply and installation radio equipment to suit your requirements.

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CRX-150B base antenna (150-174 MHz, 6dB, 412sm, SO239).

For VHF are available in 3 basic types of antennas - CRS-150 (2 dB), CRX-150 (5 dB) and CRX-150 B (6 dB). Installation of antennas, by setting up the mast with a diameter up to 3.2 cm All types of antennas are able to restructuring within its working range of the UHF band. Setup and installation of antennas is carried out by our technical center or regional specialist dealers. Antennas for all these series the maximum allowable input power is 250W, the material from which the antenna - aluminum tube according to specification 6063-T832.

CRX-450B base antenna (450-470 MHz, 6dB, 96.6 cm, SO239).

For the 450 MHz band, in analogy with the VHF band, issued three series of antennas with gains - 2 dB (Series CR), 5 dB (series CRX) and 6 dB (series CRX-B). To cover the entire range of each series includes 4 antennas on different frequency sub-bands.
All antennas are setting the maximum allowable input power of 250 W, all the antennas of these series are made of aluminum tubing, with specification 6063-T832, installation of antennas made ​​to poles with diameters up to 2.2 cm


Antenex FG Series

Base antennas in this series are available in a wide frequency band and gain rate.

For VHF band antenna base available uslieniem 0dB and 3dB. For UHF band antennas are available base uslieniem 3dB, 5dB and 7dB.

Antennas are designed for use with radioborudovaniem to 100W, with N-Female connector and 2 year warranty.

FG series - is a collinear antenna in the fairing made ​​of high quality fiberglass.

Antennas are available throughout the frequency range 146-174 MHz and 400-470 MHz.


Decibel DB series

DB22H - broadband antennas, 3 or 6 dB gain, 137-174 and 220-222 MHz

This popular dish is executed with one dipole model DB220, with two dipoles model DB222 and four dipolyaim model DB224.

Bandwidth allows to overlap effectively frequency of both the transmitter and receiver.

Dipoles are adjustable allowing you to adjust the antenna to work with a pie chart or a one-sided orientation. All adjustments may be carried out in the field.

Simple installation - DB365-OS kremleniya kit designed to mount the antenna on the top of a mast.







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