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Digital radio Motorola DP2600 can operate in two modes, analog and digital broadcasting. This increases flexibility and greatly simplifies the transition to digital broadcasting services and the scheme of DMR.

Model DP2600 has best-in-class audio system, and its functionality can be extended to suit your needs. The intellectual volume and voice messaging allows you to work comfortably with a radio station in difficult conditions.

DP-2600 radio operating in frequency bands UHF and VHF supports 16 channels, has three programmable buttons, display and lacks the required specifications to IP55 waterproof standard. Radios support 128 channels for transmitter frequencies and has a maximum output of 5 watts.

The main advantages of radio Motorola DP 2600:
- Analog-to-digital compatibility
Works in both analog and digital mode. Dynamic Mixed Mode repeater provides automatic switching between digital and analog calls, allowing you to use one relay for both modes of operation.

- Capacity Plus (optional)
Single-site digital trunking system that maximizes the possibility of a MOTOTRBO system and is designed to transmit large volumes of voice and data. Support more than a thousand users on the same site without the use of additional frequencies.

- IP Site Connect (optional)
Digital solution that extends the capabilities of the Internet by supporting voice and data MOTOTRBO. With this system, you can connect up to 15 sites for communication between geographically dispersed sites, creating a wide coverage or increase coverage at the same site with physical barriers.

- Linked Capacity Plus (optional)
Multisite digital trunking system for entry-level platform MOTOTRBO. It combines high bandwidth Capacity Plus, along with the capabilities to create a broad coverage IP Site Connect. This cost-effective solution allows employees from multiple remote sites use a single high-performance and large-scale trunking communication system.

- Interruption of transmission (optional)
Allows the user to interrupt a conversation on the radio for the implementation of an important compound that's when and where you need it.

- Basic or enhanced privacy (optional)
- Built-in scrambling.

- Rugged
Reliably isolated case for protection against dust and water with protection in accordance with IP55.

- Best audio industry
When it comes to sound clarity, digital communication systems are out of competition. DP2000 series portable radios deliver the highest quality and are equipped with a range of solutions that allow your employees to clearly hear each other, even in difficult conditions. Speaker volume is automatically adjusted according to the level of noise, so your employees do not miss an important call and yet not disturb colleagues in a quiet location.

- Crystal clear monochrome display
Readability and navigation on 2-line display.

Specification MOTOROLA DP2600

- Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60 dBi (12,5 kHz), 70 dBi (25 kHz)
- The power in the adjacent channel 60 dBi (12,5 kHz), 70 dBi (25 kHz)
- Work in two modes digital (DMR) and analog
- Work on the digital protocol ETSI-TS102 361-1
- Good frequency stability - 1,5 ppm
- Application of digital speech codec AMBE + +
- High maximum power - 5 watts
- High power speaker - 500 mW
- Maximum sound distortion 3%
- Adjacent Channel Selectivity 60 dBi (12,5 kHz), 70 dBi (25 kHz)
- 128 recording channel frequencies
- 5 shortcut buttons
- The emergency call
- Intermodulation 65 dBi
- USB - connector
- Availability of slots for option boards, significantly extend the capabilities of the radio
- Certification by the military standard MIL-STD quality 810 and ingress protection IP57
- Waterproofing Meets: MIL-STD 810-C/D/E and TIA / EIA 603

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