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P185 Motorola - professional portable radio. An extensive range of options P-185 and ergonomic functionality will expand your communication system. Motorola P Series radios are available for professional bands UHF and VHF.

Radios are designed for use in law enforcement agencies, security and services, warehouse and industrial companies.

Radios motorola P-185 this radio station held a accelerated cycle equal to 5 years of operation in harsh conditions. According to the standard American-style MIL 810F.

The main advantages of radios Motorola P185:

- Built-in voice scrambling simple function (optional).
- Provides confidentiality of the negotiations.
- Availability VOX.
- Supports handsfree allows fewer distractions from work.
- Programming buttons. Two programmable buttons provide quick access to the functions selected by the user.
- Multi-channel. 99 channels to support communication among all employees.
- Two programmable buttons provide quick access to the functions selected by the user.
- Multi-channel. 16 channels to support communication among all employees.
- Technology X-Pand ™. Provides high quality sound while maintaining its sharpness and clarity even in noisy environments.
- Support standartovDTMF, MDC and QC II. Provides subscriber identification and support of private calls.
- Adjustable transmitter power. Power adjustment (5 Watt: VHF; 4 Watt: UHF) allows to prolong battery life.
- Repeater Mode. Used if necessary to expand coverage.
- Support for direct connection. Staying connected even when the relay is not used
- More stringent specifications. Adjacent Channel Selectivity -70 dB provides increased protection from interference caused by strong signals on adjacent channels, thus providing a clear voice transmission.
- Military standards. Compliance with military standards 810 C, D, E, F and G ensures availability in the most demanding conditions.
- Robust design. High reliability confirmed by accelerated tests (ALT ™) from Motorola.

All radios Motorola successfully withstood cycle of accelerated life tests, simulating a 5-year intensive use in harsh field conditions.

Motorola P-185 is specifically designed for use in small companies, the areas of security, protection.

Specification MOTOROLA Р185

- Power (W) 5 (136-174MHz) 4 (403-470MHz)
- Weight (g) 335 (Li-ion)
- Number of channels 99
- Number of frequency encoding 38
- Frequency Range VHF1: 136 - 174 MHz, UHF1: 403 - 447 MHz, UHF2: 435 - 480 MHz
- Options radio + battery + antenna + charger
- Dimensions (mm) 122x55.5x36.5
- Food 7.5
- Programming step kHz channel grid 12.5/20/25
- Battery life (based on 5/5/90 duty cycle) 9:00 (nickel-metal hydride), 11:00 (Li-Ion) standard battery at high power; 16 hours high power battery with high power
- Audio output 500mW
- Standards of protection IP IP54 (dust and moisture protection)
- Military standard MIL 810 C, 810 D, 810 E, 810 F, 810 G
- DTMF keypad limited
- LCD display
- Scrambling
- Calling a specific subscriber
- Tri-color status indicator
- Rotary volume with switch
- Adjustable power levels

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