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VX-1700 is an integrated HF Multi-Mode communications transceiver designed for Land Mobile, Industrial, Research, Scientific and Government applications. The VX-1700 provides continuous receiver coverage from 30 KHz to 30 MHz. Transmit from 1.6 to 30 MHz. Operating modes include USB and LSB, AM and CW making the VX-1700 ideal for a wide variety of communications needs.

The multi-purpose VX-1700 HF SSB base/mobile transceiver 2-way radio is designed to fulfill Long-Haul Land Mobile HF (shortwave) communication requirements. Though many radios can be adapted for more than one application, the VX-1700 is well-suited as a mobile or base station. Since the VX-1700 was envisioned as a multi-purpose radio from the beginning, the technology, engineering, and manufacturing is the foundation of a solid, functional design. Communications needs as varied as those of a remote jungle research stations to military HF Comms, offshore drilling rigs to forestry management can be efficiently handled with the VX-1700. Emergency Management disaster communications and governmental HF backup systems are also easy work for the versatile Vertex Standard VX-1700 HF Transceiver.

The VX-1700 HF transceiver has many useful options designed to enhance its already powerful performance. An ALE unit is available which will automatically establish contact with other stations using the best frequency and propagation path available, day or night. The 1 Kilowatt Quadra System power amplifier gives you rock crushing punch through power under the toughest conditions. A wide range of available antennas and automatic antenna tuners provide efficient  multiple frequency operation.

Specification VERTEX VX-1700

- Power (W) 125
- The grid frequency of 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz
- No. 200 divided on 5 banks by 25channels each
- Frequency range, MHz RX: 0.03 - 30 TX: 1.6 - 30
- Sensitivity 1,41 mkV (0,5-1,6 MHz), 0,16 mkV (1,6-30 MHz)
- Weight 4300 g
- Dimensions WxHxD 178 x 60 x 268
- Modulation A1A(CW); J3E(LSB/USB); A3E(AM); J2B (USB/LSB
- Operating temperature range from -10 to +55 ° C
- Immunity MIL STD 810

Data sheet radio VX-1700







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