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Series of professional HF Transceiver CODAN NGT VR is designed to provide various system solutions for professional use voice communication. NGT VR Series includes two types of HF transceiver: fixed station - NGT VR transceiver with the desktop console and mobile station - mobile transceiver NGT VR, optimized for in-car use. Both transceiver NGT VR series have all the standard virtues of HF technology CODAN, as well as their standard equipment includes remote control NGT as a function of the handset and digital voice signal processing Easitalk.

Optional equipment may NGT VR transceiver voice scrambler, the ability to automatically manage communications CALM, remote diagnostics and configuration and the ability to phone call.

CODAN NGT series transceivers has a user interface that provides a minimum amount of training and familiarization.

NGT HF transceiver is fully compatible with the 2110, as well as with any other radio commercial and military class.

All professional HF transceivers CODAN checked for compliance with the international quality standard ISO 9001. Completely Company manufactures all the equipment supplied by yourself, with a plant for the production of printed circuit boards, metal products, which allows for immediate delivery of the required modules for repair. All equipment is provided CODAN warranty period of 36 months.

Functional capabilities HF radio Codan VGT VR:
- Types of calls
Emergency, Selective Group, Phone
- Optimized for mobile use
For mobile applications professional HF transceiver one of the main factors is the rational installation of equipment in the car. In confined spaces the vehicle interior, the importance of the number of blocks that make up the communications system.
Given that the NGT VR transceiver are sought for mobile use, CODAN introduced technological changes in the design of equipment, which allowed to build Transitional functions in the radio unit NGT NGT, thereby reducing the number of modules of the communication system.
- Selective scanning
Selective scanning to automatically control all radio transceiver when the power dynamics. Calls can be made on any of the channels to scan.
- Easy to install
The installation procedure professional m NGT VR transceiver in both fixed and mobile version is very simple. Transceiver is small in size and can be installed in any convenient location.
- Protection and Testing
All professional shortwave transceivers CODAN have comprehensive protection against damage such as high VSWR, over-voltage and polarity reversal, which can cause damage to the transceiver. In addition, built-in test function allows the operator to check the status of equipment with the conclusion of the report on specific parameters.
- Wide receiver dynamic range
Wide dynamic range of the receiver NGT along with outstanding sensitivity, improve signal reception in difficult conditions.
- Built-in digital voice signal processing Easitalk
NGT VR uses digital signal processing technology received voice signal in order to minimize overlap interference and noise reduction. Easitalk system is easy to operate and its effectiveness does not depend on the language being radio.
- Voice scrambler
Optional voice scrambler is built into the NGT HF transceiver and provides the security and protection of communication, allowing the operator to transmit confidential information. Scrambling procedure is very simple - to enter scrambling requires only one button press. The display shows the status of NGT transceiver mode scrambling.

Specification CODAN NGT VR

- Power
125 W (peak) decreases with increasing frequency
100 W (peak) at 30 MHz
- Sensitivity (mV): 0.12 mV at a signal / noise ratio of 10 dB
- Number of Channels 20 one-or two-frequency simplex channels
- Frequency range 1.6 - 30 MHz (transmission), 250 kHz - 30 MHz (downlink)
- Weight
2010 radio unit: 3.3 kg
Manual control unit 2020: 0.3 kg
Transition unit in 2030: 0.4 kg
- Power supply
13.6 VDC, negative ground
Nominal operating range: 10.8 - 15 VRealny Operating range: 9 - 16
Actual working range: 9 - 16
Reverse polarity protection
- Dimensions
2010 radio unit: 210 mm (W) x 270 mm (D) x 65 mm (H)
Manual control unit 2020: 65 mm (W) x 35 mm (D) x 130 mm (H)
Transition unit in 2030: 135 mm (W) x 106 mm (D) x 38 mm (H)
- One sideband modes (J3E) USB or LSB or switchable USB / LSB AM: H3E
- Operating temperature range from -30 to +60 ° C Relative Humidity: 95%
- Protected in accordance with MIL-STD-810F including shock, the
vibrations, humidity

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